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Île était une fois” by Nantenaina and Eva Lova

documentary – 57min. Coproduction with : Adala Films, Papang Films. Broadcast : OITO TV

An invitation to travel to the director's two islands, the one where he lives, Reunion, and the one where he grew up, Madagascar. This travel diary takes us to meet Reunionese and Malagasy people who are faced with devastating global rules of the game but who are trying to resist by reinventing the lifestyle of their ancestors.

Winning project of an artistic residency in the Department of Reunion Island and having received writing assistance from the Reunion Region and production assistance from the Fonds Images de la Francophonie (OIF), CNC selective Cosip, Reunion Region and Procirep-Angoa.

“Aza kivy” (Morning Star) by Nantenaina Lova

2020 – documentary – 77min VOSTFR/VOSTA Distribution : Papang Films

"They want to dig us up, they want to rob you, to starve you, to make you thirsty, to poison you... be brave, we're fighting by your side !», here are the words that the Ancestors of the people of the sea could address to Edmond and to all those who fight against the installation of a gigantic mining in the South-West of Madagascar.
Fishing, is Edmond’s life, the life of all Vezo. In the name of "development", the trawlers loot "their" sea, and this australian mining project is a new curse. To keep courage, Edmond named his canoe : "Do Not Give Up" ("Let's not give up").

Selections: World premiere at IDFA (Netherlands)

Funds : Francophonie Images Fund (OIF), helping to finish Vision Sud-Est (Swiss Cooperation)

“Zanaka, Thus spoke Felix” by Nantenaina Lova

2019 – documentary – 29min Sub FR/EN/ES Coproduction : Autantik Films

"If some want to perpetuate the colonization, Malagasy people must oppose a strong no, regardless of who the colonists are", thus spoke Felix Robson, our grandfather to all. Like so many others, Felix fought during the uprising of 29 March 1947 to reclaim freedom that had been stolen by the French colonists.
Despite the suffering he endured, he did not let rancor invade his soul. According to him, "the wrongs of parents are not the wrongs of children". But what about our wrongs to all of us, his children (zanaka) ?

Prizes and awards : Silver foal trophee of short documentary at FESPACO (Burkina Faso), Golden Zébu at Rencontres du film court (Madagascar).

Selections: Vues d’Afrique (Montréal), FCAT (Tarifa & Tanger), Cinémas d’Afrique (Angers), Festival du film citoyen (Reunion), Africlap (Toulouse),…

“Tantara” by Yannick T. Andrianambonisoa and Fitahiana Randriamiharisoa

2018 animation 4min VOSTFR/VOSTA Distribution : Endemika Films

Affiche du film STORY - Yannick Andrianambonisoa

Synopsis :

After being accused of murdering a rich "business eggman", hungry little pebble will he suffer the judgment of the people ?
In Madagascar, the lynching is commonplace, people no longer have confidence in justice.
*The "Tantara" Madagascar is a game played mostly by girls who is to live a story by tapping stones.

Prizes and awards : Zebu d'or trophee of PanAfrican Animation at Rencontres du Film Court 2018 (Antananarivo, Madagascar)

“Lakana” by Nantenaina and Eva Lova

2017 documentary/animation 13min30 VOSTFR/VOSTA/FR dubbed Coproduction : Adala Films (France)

Synopsis :
A trip to meet Kenji and his family in Madagascar, the country of raffia. From 4 years old.

Funds : Fonds Images Francophones and Occitanie region.

Selections : Chicago International Children Film Festival (USA), Journées Cinématographique de Carthage (Tunisia), FCAT (Tarifa & Tanger), Festival Iles Court (Mauritius), Festival Embarquement Immédiat (Reunion), Africajarc (France), Africlap Toulouse (France)

“Rendala, the Mikea” by Alain Rakotoarisoa

2016 documentary 62min / 52min VOSTFR/VOSTA Coproduction : Vie des Hauts Productions (France)

Mikea FRlq

Synopsis :
Attracted by the modern world and the promise of a better future, Rendala, chief of a Mikéa clan, gave up on this forest life made of hunting and gathering. 5 years after, the reports are bitter.
An immersion film that makes a damning picture of the perverse effects of globalization.

Selections : International competition at the Luxor Film festival (Egypt), Rencontre Cinéma Nature (France), Festival du Cinéma des Cinq Continents (France), Festival Cinémas d’Afrique of Lausanne (Switzerland), BIFED Festival (Turkey).
Lucien Kimitete prize at Festival International du Film Insulaire de Groix (France)

“Long Live The Deads” by Maminihaina Rakotonirina

2016 documentary 27min – French subtitles Coproduction : SaNoSi Productions (France)

Synopsis :
In Madagascar, the dead have a place among the living. Marie, a dwarf woman, takes care of a royal tomb that was entrusted to her and welcomes visitors that comes to ask a favor to ancestors… Marie calls for respect of ancestor worship, often denigrated by Christianity and the new generation.

Official selection at Etats Généraux du Film Documentaire of Lussas 2016 and JCC (Carthage 2016), …

“Anay ny lalana” (It's my road) by Fifaliana Nantenaina

2015 – documentary – 11min – VOSTFR/VOSTA

Synopsis :

– “Dadakoto, why do you often say “It's my road” ?
– Actually, it's a game,” says this man who seems to have a childish mind despite his old body.
In working, he plays, In working he lives.

Selections : International Competition at Short Film Festival Clermont-Ferrand (France), Norway international film festival (Norway), Festival Îles Courts (Mauritius), Festival Vues d’Afrique (Canada), Tripoli Film Festival (Lebanon), Festival de Lasalles (France), Cine Africano Festival of Tarifa and Tanger, Festival Encounters (South Africa), Festival Off-Courts (Trouville, France).
Prizes and awards: Public Prize at the contest “Filme ton travail (Film your work)” in Poitiers (France), CUMSE prize at Festival Cinéma d’Afrique, d’Asie et d’Amérique Latine (Italy)

A work-in-progress version has been selected at the Rencontres du Film Court 2015 (Antananarivo) and received the First Prize at the 3rd Rencontres du Film Documentaire de l’Océan Indien 2015 (Tamatave)

« The Malagasy Way » (The Malagasy Way) by Lova Nantenaina

2014, documentary, 84min – Theatrical release in France since 08/04/15 – French/English/Portuguese subtitles – Production : Endemika Films, Autantic Films, Laterit Productions – Distribution : Endemika Films (Madagascar – Mauritius), Laterit Productions (world) – More infos here.


Synopsis :
“The Chinese make things, the Malagasies fix them.”
In Madagascar, artists and craftsmen raise their voices and define the “ADY GASY” as a way of life based on creativity and brotherhood.
The backstory is a kind of bittersweet satire system of global overproduction and overconsumption, As to the form, it is a mirror where we oppose insistent and well-functioning speeches of some development agents to other discourses, those of Malagasy speakers.

Funds : « brouillon d’un rêve » grant by Scam, Midi-Pyrénées Region and post-production grants (IDFA Bertha Fund, Final Cut in Venice, Vision Sud Est of the Swiss cooperation).

Selections : Hot Docs (Toronto, Canada), IDFA (Amsterdam, Netherlands), Seattle International Film Festival (USA), Journées Cinématographiques de Carthage (Carthage, Tunisia), …

Prizes and awards : Fénèt Océan Indien Prize 2014 (FIFAI Reunion), Grand Prize Eden Documentaire 2014 (Lumières d’Afrique, France), Special mention of the documentary jury (Quintessence Festival, Benin), Mention of Young Jury (Festival Cinémas d’Afrique, Angers), Mention (FESPACO, Ouagadougou), Mention (FESTICAB, Burundi)

« Avec Presque Rien » (With Almost Nothing) by Lova Nantenaina

2013, documentary, 52min – French/English subtitles – distribution : Endemika Films

« With almost nothing, we can create things » Gaby told me, a retired soldier who recuperates piles of scrap metal to make wheelbarrows. Behind my camera, I take an uncondescending look at my compatriots, those who, with only their physical strength and their souls as raw materials, create objects, music or long speeches. I ask artists to stage a concert and become my spokespersons following the local traditions of rhetoric art. Will they be able to illustrate that unconscious resistance acted out by many Malagasy faced with the perverse effects of money and globalization ?

Funds : "Brouillon d’un rêve" writing grant, COSIP selective aid, Midi-Pyrénées Region, Canal France International prepurchase.

Selections : Etats Généraux du Film Documentaire (Lussas, France), Cinémas d’Afrique (Lausanne, Switzerland)

Prizes and awards : Public Prize 2013 (Festival International du Film Insulaire de Groix), Sustainable Development Prize (Festival Vues d’Afrique, Montréal)

« Conter les feuilles » by Nantenaina and Eva Lova

2011, fiction, 4min30 – French subtitles

A moment of dream, play and carelessness in the lives of three children.

Prizes and awards : Zébu d’Or at the Rencontres du Film Court 2012 (Antananarivo), Regards d”Afrique 2012 at the Clermont-Ferrand Festival.

« Le Rouge du Paradis » (Red Heaven) by Lova Nantenaina

2009, fiction, 18min30 – French/English subtitles

For Jeanne, life is not quite the socialist heaven that the government promise on the radio everyday…

Selections : « Regards d’Afrique 2009″ at the Clermont-Ferrand Festival, cinéSud 2011 and bought by CIRTEF (TV5 Monde)

« Petits Hommes » by Lova Nantenaina

2008, documentary, 35min – French subtitles

For Julio and Lioka, it is time to be circumcised to become men …

Selection « Regards d’Afrique 2008″ at the Clermont-Ferrand Festival.

« L’envers du décor – Lettre à mon frère » (The Other Side) by Lova Nantenaina

2008, documentary, 17min – French/English subtitles

Europe is light and wealth... That is at least the image we see in the country.

Selection « Regards d’Afrique 2010″ at the Clermont-Ferrand Festival.

« 2€ à Madagascar » (2€ in Madagascar) by Lova Nantenaina

2008, documentary, 6min – French/English subtitles

What could this poor boy gift to himself with the 2€ I am offering him ? ?

Special Jury Mention of the festival étudiant du film court. Official selection at the Expression en Corto de Mexico Festival 2008, Cabinet curiosité at the Paris Tout court Festival 2008, official selection Cine Posible 2009 in Spain, sélection FIFAI 2012.