Malagasy movies at CINEPAX

Photo credits : AnatoleArt

Friday 13 march 2020.
« Zanaka, thus spoke Félix »and« Ady Gasy, The Malagasy Way » was screened at Cinepax Antananarivo. It is a cinema that usually screens the last Hollywood movies, but lately they try to open up to local productions, and contacted us to prepare this screening of almost 2 hours of film produced by Endemika. It was a risky bet since the documentary is not the favorite film genre of Antananarivo people. However, Cinepax's room 1 was almost full 1 .. The movies were presented by Nantenaina Lova, the director, and the programming director of Cinepax. They were well received by the public and a session of question-answer followed the screening.

They were programed at Cinepax for a week, for 2 screenings per day. The Endemika Films team is thrilled by this first experience with a paid entry in theater. Creative documentary has its place in the cinematographic landscape of Madagascar, and we are ready to renew the experience with our upcoming productions.

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