Aza kivy / Morning Star / Morning Star

Year of production : 2020
World Premiere : 23/11/2020 at the IDFA festival
Duration : 77 min
Available subtitles : FR, EN

"They want to dig us up, they want to rob you, to starve you, to make you thirsty, to poison you... be brave, we're fighting by your side ! », here are the words that the Ancestors of the people of the sea could address to Edmond and to all those who fight against the installation of a gigantic mining in the South-West of Madagascar.
Fishing, is Edmond’s life, the life of all Vezo. In the name of "development", the trawlers loot "their" sea, and this australian mining project is a new curse. To keep courage, Edmond named his canoe : « Aza kivy » ("Let's not give up").

Funds: Francophonie Images Fund (OIF), helping to finish Vision Sud-Est (Swiss Cooperation)

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A nice review of the film on “Business Doc Europe” by Nicole Santé (read the full article here) :

“It is a great achievement by director Nantenaina Lova, who made this film as a one-man crew, and also edited it. As a Malagasian himself he hits just the right tone: no sentimentality or voyeurism, but an honest perspective from within the community.”
“It is a story that needs to be told, over and over again, all across the world.”

Nicole Health – “IDFA Feature-length Comp review: Morning Star” – Business Doc Europe