Malagasy movies at CINEPAX

Photo credits : AnatoleArt

Friday 13 march 2020.
« Zanaka, thus spoke Félix »and« Ady Gasy, The Malagasy Way » was screened at Cinepax Antananarivo. It is a cinema that usually screens the last Hollywood movies, but lately they try to open up to local productions, and contacted us to prepare this screening of almost 2 hours of film produced by Endemika. It was a risky bet since the documentary is not the favorite film genre of Antananarivo people. However, Cinepax's room 1 was almost full 1 .. The movies were presented by Nantenaina Lova, the director, and the programming director of Cinepax. They were well received by the public and a session of question-answer followed the screening.

They were programed at Cinepax for a week, for 2 screenings per day. The Endemika Films team is thrilled by this first experience with a paid entry in theater. Creative documentary has its place in the cinematographic landscape of Madagascar, and we are ready to renew the experience with our upcoming productions.

Casting cinema

Because of the pandemic Covid-19 now raging in the world, the auditions and filming are deferred. However, we still encourage you to submit, your applications will be kept and considered !

The Malagasy Way – The Original Soundtrack !

You can buy the original music of ADY GASY (The Malagasy Way) on this website, by clicking on the button “"Acheter" (Buy)”.
The main writer/composer of the original soundtrack is a musician from the South of Madagascar, Rejao Refaralahy, alias JAO. He is also one of the main casts of « Ady Gasy, The Malagasy Way ». During 6 days, he took part to an artist's workshop, with some musicians and mpihira gasy (Milanto, Mirana and Blandine, Fred and Sily from the Raedisamimanana band) with whom he never worked before.
The aim of the workshop was to set up a show at the end of the film.

We can find these musics in this CD, some of them has been recorded in studio, while the others has been exported directly from the movie. We also find among the original soundtrack, three songs from Piarakandro's album, a band specialized in Beko (a traditional music from the South of Madagascar) created by Jao in 2007 : Tany Be (Big Land), Fiainan’isanandro (Everyday Life) and Fitiava Vinola.

Tracklist :

1. Paika Maneno (vers. studio) – 1:36
2. Fiainan’isanandro (Everyday Life) (vers. studio) – 4:07
3. Ho an’ny tanindrazana (For the motherland) (vers. studio) – 3:42
4. Tsik’izao (Us) (vers. live) – 1:21
5. Namako (My Friend) (vers. live) – 3:37
6. Tany Be (Big Land) (vers. studio) – 3:03
7. Dihy Gasy (Malagasy Dance) (vers. live) – 1:00
8. Soa fa tadidy (I Can Remember) (vers. studio) – 4:03
9. Indray andro (One Day) (vers. studio) – 1:51
10. Fanondranana Politiciens (Exporting Politicians) (vers. live) – 1:03
11. Fitiava Vinola (vers. studio) – 3:32
12. Tsy misy mangidy (Nothing's bitter) (vers. studio) – 4:10
13. Jao Tsapiky (vers. live) – 2:13
14. Katsa (vers. studio) – 0:59
15. Namako (My Friend) (vers. studio) – 3:35