In the collection “Land and People” (Of Lands and Men) :

“Bomb bay” by Nantenaina and Eva Lova

documentary – 100min – In production. Coproduction : Endemika Films (Madagascar), Papang Films (France, Reunion), Niko Films (Germany) And diam Production (Burkina Faso).

Like many others, Rabe's parents have accepted the challenge of the Ministry of Agriculture : tame the marshes of Antananarivo ... Rabe won the bet ! But here he is, plagued by the ferocious appetite of the city, speculators and politicians. Only weapons to offer to the inhabitants of the village : are a story, puppets and a movie.

Funds : Scam's "Draft of a Dream" scholarship, Reunion region, fondation Blue Ice Group (HOT DOCS), Images of La Francophonie fund (OIF) + Clap ACP, Fonds World Cinema Fund (Berlinale) + bonus ACP, fonds DOC-A.